Welcome to the website of the School of Political Science & International Relations, Tongji University!

The School of Political Science & International Relations, Tongji University (hereinafter referred to as “the School” or “we”) is underpinned by the prosperity of the country. The School was founded in 2009, coinciding with the beginning of China’s rise and the full display of its charm in the world. We are embracing a new era when the profound transformation of the world goes hand in hand with the all-round rise of China. Thanks to the grand, flourishing new era, we are given a rare opportunity to accomplish our mission of educating top talents for the country. The School was founded at the historic moment and will advance with the times.

The School takes root in the century-old Tongji University. Founded in 1907, Tongji University enjoys a good reputation and distinctive characteristics, with its comprehensive strength at the forefront of colleges and universities in China, and its engineering programs admired by the world. Following the fine tradition of “growing with the motherland and benefiting mankind with science and education”, Tongji is committed to building itself into a world-class comprehensive university that is deeply rooted in China. At Tongji, a century of brilliance and its ambition to serve the country and the world have provided a solid foundation for and shaped the overall direction of the development of humanities and social sciences. The School is committed to growing into an effective platform for collaboration among different disciplines across Tongji by upholding the path of interdisciplinary development.

The School is standing at the forefront of academia. Bearing in mind the concept of “seeking a holistic approach to both the domestic and international situations,” we implement a differentiated development strategy to amplify our study characteristics integrating “governance, strategy and intellectual history”. We seek to build a strategic research platform with a significant influence at home and abroad, and play a leading role in a wide range of academic fields including China & world studies, international theory and practice of Marxism, Asia-Pacific studies focusing on East Asia, and European studies focusing on Germany. To meet the country’s major strategic needs, the School is committed to cultivating elites with a global vision and strategic thinking, who are able to provide innovative, interdisciplinary solutions to major practical problems, and have a good knowledge of national governance and international affairs.

We value “openness, fairness and justice” during our governance. With the tenet of “building the School on sound institutions, prospering it through academic excellence, making it stronger throughdiscipline development, and putting students first,” we are committed to both material and spiritual improvement as well as comprehensive reform and all-round development.

We are striving to make a difference in an enterprising age, we are proud to be engaged in the noble cause of education, and we are concentrating on imparting and acquiring knowledge in the city’s hustle and bustle. We at the School of Political Science & International Relations, Tongji University are expecting our students to grow into useful talents and have a bright future, just like flowers in full bloom.

MEN Honghua

Distinguished Professor at Tongji

Dean, School of Political Science & International Relations, Tongji University